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City Credit Capital is a world leader in retail derivatives trading, offering online dealing services to private investors, corporates and brokerages.

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City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd is a world leader in retail derivatives trading, offering online dealing services to private investors, institutions, banks and brokerages. Specialising in Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) clients are given 24 hour access to the global financial markets through our cutting edge trading platform.

City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd is fully regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

CCC chose the Cayman Islands due to it’s many benefits for investors, it is a leading International Financial Centre with $1.7 trillion in banking assets, ranking as the world’s 5th largest Banking Centre. Additionally as a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands offers private and institutional investors the stability of an English common law framework, a well- regulated financial sector, professional infrastructure, and tax neutrality.

Operating in a highly regulated offshore environment such as the Cayman Island’s enhances transparency & trust, which is of utmost importance to our clients and partners

Ten reasons to choose City Credit Capital

Foreign Exchange, Equity Indices, Precious Metals and Commodities.
transparent and competitive fixed dealing spreads*.
low fixed initial margin requirements available on all Forex and CFD instruments.
CCC operates a no re-quote and no-slippage Stop Loss policy on all FX pairs*.
multilingual dealing, account and IT support.
CCC is authorised and regulated by CIMA.
CCC Cayman offer MT4 which is considered by professional traders as the market standard in online trading platform's.
The MT4 mobile trading app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones allows clients to access the markets and their accounts wherever they are.
Both Mini and Standard accounts available.
Every account holder is given premium access to independent investment research from
Trading Central.
  • 1. Access to the most liquid and prestigious financial markets

    Foreign Exchange, Equity Indices, Precious Metals and Commodities.

  • 2. Low-cost trading

    transparent and competitive fixed dealing spreads*.

  • 3. Low margin

    low fixed initial margin requirements available on all Forex and CFD instruments.

  • 4. Professional quality of trade execution

    CCC operates a no re-quote and no-slippage Stop Loss policy on all FX pairs*.

  • 5. 24-hour customer support

    multilingual dealing, account and IT support.

  • 6. CIMA regulated firm

    CCC Is Authorised And Regulated By CIMA.

  • 7. Customisable, feature-rich, online trading platform

    Our award winning trading platform offers a professional charting package with over 20 technical indicators, real-time Dow Jones news feed and a suite of risk management tools.

  • 8. Mobile trading

    The MT4 Mobile Trading App For IPhone, IPad And Android Phones Allows Clients To Access The Markets And Their Accounts Wherever They Are.

  • 9. An account to suit your experience

    Both Mini and Standard accounts available.

  • 10. Free daily technical investment research

    Every account holder is given premium access to independent investment research from Trading Central.

*During market hours and normal market conditions. Stop Loss and Take Profit orders that close a position originally opened by a Stop Entry may also be subject to slippage.

Our regulation

City Credit Capital are authorised by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) which is the principal financial services regulator of the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is the second largest captive domicile in the world. CIMA oversees almost 300 banks, 800 insurers, and 10,000 mutual funds.

In terms of compliance, The Cayman Islands are ranked 5th place with the FATF (Financial Action Task Force, the multilateral Institution that establishes the standards for anti-money-laundering).

Treating Customers Fairly Charter

City Credit Capital (Cayman) Limited is committed to ensuring that the market principle of Treating Customers Fairly

CCC aims to:

meet the needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient and professional service which it will constantly review to identify areas for improvement,

ensure we treat customers fairly and deal with any complaints that arise, promptly and fairly, and in line with CIMA deadlines and rules,

ensure that the standard of service provided to all our customers either meets or exceeds the standards required by the Cayman Island’s Monetary Authority

Safety of your funds

All client money received by City Credit Capital Cayman will be held in segregated accounts, and are therefore entirely separate from our own. In the unlikely event of a default, rest assured client funds will be returned directly to them rather than being treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors. All money held on behalf of clients is held in accounts with top-tier rated banks.

Our privacy policy

City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd rigorously protects the privacy of our users and we aim to provide a safe and secure user experience. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the information you submit to us remains private, and is only used for the purposes set out in this policy.

Information Collection and Use

City Credit Capital (Cayman) Limited (“CCC”) needs to collect certain personal information to meet its legal obligations and the needs of our customers. The type of information may include but not be restricted to name, address, date of birth, contact details, income, assets and liabilities, account balances, trading statements, tax and financial statements and employment details. Most of this information will be obtained directly from our customers when an application form is completed and from maintaining records in the course of our business relationship with the customer. CCC may also ask for additional information from time to time to help to improve our customer service.

Unless advised otherwise, CCC will use the personal information for establishing and managing your account, enhancing customer service and products, as well as giving you on-going information or opportunities that may be relevant to your requirements.

Please be aware that personal information may be disclosed to:

  • credit providers, courts and tribunals and regulatory authorities as agreed or authorised by law
  • credit reporting or reference agencies

We do however require organisations outside of the group which handle or obtain personal information as a service provider to acknowledge the confidentiality of the information and undertake to respect our customer’s right to privacy and comply with the Data Protection Principles of this policy.

City Credit Capital is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from that which is disclosed in this statement. This Web site does not collect personally identifying information about you except when you specifically and knowingly provide it.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small data file which is sent from a web server to a web browser when that browser visits the server’s site. They will not track your other Internet activity and our cookies do not gather personally identifiable information. Cookies are commonly used by websites to improve the user experience and have not been known to transmit computer viruses or otherwise harm your computer. None will contain information that will enable anyone to contact you via telephone, e-mail, or any other means. You can set up your Web browser to inform you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set, for example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, from the menu select Tools, Internet Options and Privacy. We reserve the right to use other tracking technologies in the future, but if we do so we will amend our policy to explain their use. For full details please see our Cookie Policy.

Uploaded Files

All files are uploaded and held on a City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. server and held in a secure folder for City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. to retrieve.

Links to third party websites

The Privacy Statement only applies to City Credit Capital’s website. Please note that clicking on to links and banner advertisements may result in your transferral to another website, where data privacy practices may be different to that of City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. Visitors should consult the other websites` privacy policies as we are not responsible for, and have no control over, information that is submitted to or collected by these third parties.

The Data Protection Act 1998

The information given to us, including uploaded files and e-mail addresses, is termed “personal data” under the Data Protection Act 1998. We must therefore follow the principles set out in that Act when we process personal data. All the personal data that we obtain is held on our central in-house database. City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. is the “data controller” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.


This website takes every precaution to protect our users` information. When users submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and off-line. Our Web site is protected by SSL, whereby all information our users submit is encrypted and is protected with 128bit encryption software. While on a secure page, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to un-locked, or open, when one is just ‘surfing’. While we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also do everything in our power to protect user-information off-line. All of our users` information is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, our billing clerk or a customer service representative) are granted access to personally identifiable information. Furthermore, all employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Every quarter, as well as any time new policies are added, our employees are notified and/or reminded about the importance we place on privacy and the protection of our customers information. Finally, the City Credit Capital servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment, behind a locked cage and only accessible by authorised personnel

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. at any time. If we change our privacy policy in the future, we will set out those changes here, so that you will always know what personal information we gather, the purposes we might use it for and to whom we might disclose it. If at any time, there are questions or concerns about our online privacy statement, please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@cccapital.ky.

Website Disclaimer

Whilst City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. uses reasonable care in compiling and presenting the information found on this web site, it is provided purely for information and you should seek further guidance and make independent inquiries before relying upon it. The information included in this website has been compiled from a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice. City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding the completeness, accuracy, currency, adequacy, suitability or operation of this website, or of the information it contains nor makes any such warranty in respect of any information carried on any website operated by a third party which may be accessed from this website, nor that the information on this or any third party website has in any way been verified by City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. All information contained on this website is provided on an “as is” basis. City Credit Capital (Cayman) Ltd. assumes no responsibility for information contained in this site and disclaims all liability arising from negligence or otherwise in respect of such information. By using this web site you assume the risk that the information on this web site may be incomplete, inaccurate, out of date or may not meet your requirements.

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